"A man could go insane without good music."

Some issues that might have arisen for you upon browsing this site:

Can we review your record?

Yes, please tell us where we can hear it or even better, send it to us. We only review music that has its roots in the struggle of humanity and so if you send us the new Aiden record we will exchange it for grindcore.

Can I write reviews for this site?

Yes, it's possible if you like cool shit. Send us an example of your reviews.

Why do you review a lot of records from years ago?

Because everything since 1999 sucks.

Can we advertise on this site?

No, nobody looks at this site.

Why are there no Facebook "like" links or Twitter links on this site?

Really that's the last thing we thought of doing here.

Why is this site named after a Bob Dylan song?

We never listened to any Bob Dylan. Whoever that guy is, he must have seen this site and then named his song after us.

You are from the UK but you write in this kind of American style and sound American, why is this?

Because we grew up watching motherfucking Charles Bronson, not Last Of The Summer Wine.

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